Lexus LFA

Vip Auto Salon Wheel Enhancement

So when the LFA has some downtime from media engagements we like to bring it out to as many local events as possible. It just so happen that there were a couple of local car shows happening around the time that LFA was coming back to Lexus HQ so we wanted to jump at the .. read more

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Ever wonder what its like to be an LFA front bumper?

B-Roll footage that we took during the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Behind the Scenes, The Making of the “Lexus LFA at Infineon Speedway” Video

This is a peak behind the scenes of the viral video we recently produced for Lexus Corporation recapping an exclusive LFA driving school for current Lexus LFA owners.

Latest Viral Video we produced for Lexus featuring the LFA

Watch the Lexus LFA as it tears up the track at the Infineon Speedway. Come see the LFA in action during the Toyota Grand Prix April 15-17th!

Very First LFA Devanning in North America

We had the the very exclusive opportunity to see the very first LFA to be devanned at an undisclosed location. A decade in the making and now there it was right in front of us, the very first production LFA in North America (FYI It was the Silver vehicle). What an amazing experience it was.

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